What is a Changemaker?

Annmarie Hylton-Schaub
2 min readJun 23, 2022

A superhero lives inside you.

Photo by Andrea Sánchez on Unsplash

You were going along in life, living in your own world, trying to be carefree, and enjoying your lunch.

You had friends galore, or so you felt, hanging out at parties and shopping for yourself.

Joining the ranks of the hamster wheel and ladder, you felt pretty proud of yourself. Multiple degrees, managing people, and rising in the ranks, never thinking of making a serious impact, you had started to build a private world for yourself.

Then one evening walking or watching television, something made you stand beside yourself. Your mouth fell open in shock and worry, leaving you in a state of constant sadness that this was occurring.

It made your body and mind start stirring that action needed taking in order for the pain to stop compounding.

You ran to therapy to make sure your mind and thoughts were still okay and only growing.

You tried to sleep it off, but still, your heart, mind, and eyes could not quit burning.

It was time to put a stop to thinking of yourself and reach out and gather others to march to find a solution, pull the curtain down, and move above the issue so that we can all have a better life for ourselves.

At that moment, you realized the person you saw yesterday in the mirror had found a life mission worth discovering for themselves.



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